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Blueriver has contributed to the development of strong school communities, enthusiastic students and motivated staff through its design for print and internet.

Design for schools & colleges

Printing your school prospectus or having a school website is more than ink and pixels - at Blueriver Creative we are focussed on how you connect with your community when writing the words and taking the pictures. 

Your reputation is at stake and you want to present to the world the best that your school has to offer.  It's not simply a matter of going to a printer or a web designer - you need to connect with students, parents and supporters locally, and probably internationally.  Your emphasis may be on retention of staff and students or more on recruitment.  Above all you will want to enhance your reputation.

Since the early 1990’s Blueriver Creative has been creating printed materials and websites for educational institutions to deliver their reputation enhancing messages to the world. We partner with schools to:

  • Communicate the school’s vision and goals

  • Promote activities and events, while creating a sense of community

  • Fulfil requirements for stationery, signage, prospectus and website

  • Maintain a consistent visual image school-wide

  • Enhance learning and motivation

  • Recruit and retain both staff and students


We understand that your focus needs to remain in the classroom, but that you also need to engage your community. We therefore take responsibility for design projects, freeing you to meet other commitments.  Our unique understanding and proven experience in interpreting the needs of schools and their communities sets us apart in creating visual communications for educational institutions.

Our director, Philip Bradley specifically consults and speaks within the education sector on managing school reputation through visual communication and is available to talk with you.  Contact us today. Email Philip today at

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