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Give muscle to your client database,
and strengthen your business relationships

In the corner of your office there's an idle giant - your database of clients, suppliers and employees.


 It’s sitting there doing very little. It’s out of shape, missing  a few parts and looking very bored.  But it’s a giant with BIG muscles. It has the strength to lift customer loyalty, connect you with new income sources and give you the means to motivate staff.

Relationships with those who pay you, and with those you pay, have great importance in this season of uncertainty. Distancing measures and risk reduction can be responded to by providing reassurance and building on existing trust.

Put your idle database to work and build relationships!

DB2_Superhero Giant.png

Now is the time for you to reach out, now is the time to move close to customers, suppliers and staff. Show leadership through your caring actions and by deliberately strengthening relationships.   Your database giant can make your business strong.

Get your giant cleaned up, find its personality, then make it ready for work.

We'll clean it,  map it and humanise it so you can discover income opportunities, increase loyalty, link to new people and improve spending efficiency.

Let’s talk.... call Philip Bradley about social network mapping and analysis.

+64 (0)21 474 837 

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