The Team...past and present


When you join the Blueriver team you are presented with a blank 8” x 8” canvas and a set of acrylic paints. You are given two weeks to return a painting which encapsulates your feelings of what it means to be part of the Blueriver Creative team. These images are shown above. The originals can be seen mounted on the wall at the Auckland studio.

The Company


Founded in 1994 by Philip Bradley, Blueriver Creative is located in central Auckland, in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Professional integrity, a love of creativity and attention to detail have been key components in the growth of the business, and Blueriver strives to maintain this work ethic today.

Company Values


Blueriver values the personal approach - getting to know their clients, their customers' unique needs, and being able to create solutions which meet those needs and play a part in the growth of the client's organisation.


We also want to develop a work environment that places value in the employees as people and as a team. It isn’t just about business - it's about people and their families. It isn't just about our skills - it's about our development as creative professionals.


Blueriver Creative

graphic design for print and web

Phone +64 021 474 837 .  Auckland . New Zealand